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– This is a type of fescue grass, the specific type we have not identified.  It grows in clusters, this is a typical sized bunch of the stuff.  It can easily be pulled up if you get a spade or pitch fork underneath and give it a push.  The picture to the right shows its relative root mass, and while it is quick to establish it is farily easy to eliminate.


img_0496img_04991 – This type of grass, which Dirk calls Cooch grass, is a tough adversary and will keep coming back if you don’t get down to the root of the problem.  It has broader, coarser leaves than the Fescue and has a deep interconnected rood system.  To the right you can see that more than half the plant lives underground and that various clumps are often interconnected making it imperitive to pull out the root system


St. John’s Wort

img_0502 – This guy pops up everywhere in the hoop house and in most of our seedling trays in the greenhouse.  While it is known for its medicinal uses as an antidepressant, here it is just a weed.  Its roots are thin and don’t go too deep so with a good push from the pitch fork we can get it out of the way.

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